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What is the Compact?

It is an agreement between the public sector and the voluntary and community sector to improve their relationship to mutual advantage.

The national compact was signed in 1998. Further information on this can be found by clicking here

The Gloucestershire Compact is Countrywide and was endorsed by the public sector bodies in March 2003.

What is in a Compact?

There are commitments and undertakings by both sectors including codes of good practice in the following areas:

How will Compact work?

The ultimate goal is to be a tool for change so that both sides appreciate the constraints within which they work and more can be achieved through working together.

Some of the benefits to the Voluntary Sector will be:

Some of the benefits for the public sector will be:

Work completed so far:

Work still to do:

Who will do the work?

Most of the work will be completed by working groups made up from the Compact Steering Group. FOLDA will provide secretarial support and drive forward the process.

What are we doing towards this?

GHNHSFT have signed up to the principles of the compact and have set up a small working group, which includes representation from the PPI Forum, to ensure that the Trust;